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ME&A is recruiting a Senior Evaluation Advisor to join the USAID Feed the Future Global Program Evaluation for Effectiveness and Learning (PEEL) project team. The project conducts the full range of evaluative studies and surveys (including performance evaluations, impact evaluations, population based surveys, plausibility studies) for Feed the Future activities across the globe. The Evaluation Advisor will support the qualitative evaluation research as well as how programs are impacting gender dynamics in the household and broader communities. The Evaluation Advisor will support teams developing PEEL program evaluations to ensure rigorous evaluations that incorporate qualitative and quantitative methods to accurately collect and analyze data related to vulnerable populations, particularly women. The Evaluation Advisor’s role is to serve as the lead expert on how Feed the Future interventions are impacting and are impacted by social norms, social structures, and relationships and to ensure the quality of rigorous design, methodology, findings and recommendations within the studies.

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