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This position can be based in CDM Smith office or remote.

• Prepare and submit for client approval an Activity MEL Plan that is consistent with, and meets the data collection needs of the Mission’s Performance Management Plan (PMP) and the Mission’s annual Performance Plan and Report (PPR)

• Lead the development of performance indicators and establish baselines and targets for output, outcome, and impact level monitoring, as well as benchmarks for performance.

• Carry out the work included in the MEL Plan, including the Monitoring and Evaluation Systems for program indicators.

• Oversee collection and recording of data on project progress on pre-designed templates prepared for each project indicator.

• Undertake or oversee field visits to project sites to check data collection and promote beneficiary understanding and gain feedback of the project impacts.

• Monitor project implementation to ensure that the program is achieving desired goals and objectives.

• Maintain a comprehensive and well-organized backup document management system for indicators and activities, to ensure verifiability of all data and analysis provided to USAID (audit function).

• Assist project management and communications staff in assembling graphics, charts and indicator data for input to periodic reporting.

• Gather, observe, or report all potential ‘success’ or ‘human interest’ stories which may help to document the impact of school and health center construction, or related activities, on the local people and communities.

• Institute or oversee project impact studies on a periodic basis, as may be requested.


• 1-2 trips per year for a duration of 2-4 weeks each.

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