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Position Summary:

The Technical Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation, Knowledge Management and Learning is responsible for developing and maintaining rigorous systems and processes for Civil Society and Education’s (CSE) M&E, knowledge management and continuous learning platforms. The Technical Manager supports CSE’s management team and is integral for executing CSE’s strategic plan to achieving program excellence, working smarter, developing internal capacity in M&E, KM and learning, and positioning for success. The Technical Manager ensures that rigorous M&E, knowledge management and learning is incorporated in all projects and proposals. The Technical Manager offers a menu of services in M&E, knowledge management and learning to CSE’s and Winrock’s projects and programs, and builds demand for high quality technical assistance, training and coaching in each of these areas.

Major Responsibilities:

Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • Develop and implement CSE’s M&E system and menu of services in coordination with CSE staff, other Winrock Groups, and field staff.  The framework will have a special focus on the six technical areas of CSE’s work: child labor, human trafficking, women’s empowerment & gender equality, education, livelihoods for vulnerable populations, and civic engagement.
  • Lead CSE’s community of practice in M&E, providing vision and direct services to CSE projects and programs, maintaining billability targets while strengthening the quality of M&E practice in the organization.
  • Develop an evidence-based toolkit, gathering and evaluating tools and incorporating them in a kit for use in CSE programs.
  • Assess CSE’s Excel-based data repository on CSE programs to determine its utility, promote increased use of data for program development, and support institutional efforts to migrate to a cloud-based system to assure data quality and utility at the project and program level and to aggregate data for improved learning.
  • Contribute to the development of M&E sections of proposals and budgets for CSE.
  • Design research and baseline surveys for CSE program areas.  Support use of relevant approaches to CSE evaluations and increase the generation and use of evidence-based practices (EBP)
  • Develop M&E systems for projects using mobile and other innovative technologies as appropriate and practical
  • Develop an M&E field assessment guide for field projects and introductory training material for field-based M&E officers
  • Provide technical assistance, training and mentoring in M&E to CSE field staff.
  • Represent Winrock before governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders regarding program results and M&E.
  • Participate in cross-divisional program/project planning, implementation and proposal development.

Knowledge Management:

  • Manage and lead components of CSE’s strategic plan pertaining to knowledge management (KM) across the six CSE technical areas in coordination with technical leadership teams (TLTs)
  • Develop CSE’s KM approach to generate, capture, apply and disseminate programmatic knowledge.
  • Gather and organize existing project overview documents (i.e., one-pagers, etc.) and assess for gaps.
  • Scan relevant development literature, and support staff’s use of evidence in program design and development using an implementation science approach.
  • Review project deliverables and promote, through training and mentoring, publication of CSE’s work in journals
  • Based on assessment of existing project documentation, work with Winrock Communications and CSE program staff to create/promote use of templates for standard informational overviews on CSE projects.
  • Liaise between CSE M&E, CSE New Business, CSE program and other Winrock staff to utilize and visualize project data in reports and communications pieces.
  • Gather and organize existing Winrock developed tools using previously inventoried information to create a database of Winrock developed technical approaches and accompanying materials (tool, manuals, and curricula).
  • Conduct training for CSE HO and FO staff on how to navigate, utilize and add updates to database


  • Develop learning strategy for CSE in line with the strategic plan. Work with CSE Management team and Program Officers to execute the learning strategy
  • Lead CSEs approach to collaboration, learning and adaptation (CLA) across CSE’s six technical leadership team disciplines.
  • Work with CSE Strategic Objective Task Force focused on taking stock of tools and approaches and developing internal capacity to contribute to efforts to developing a training plan for CSE staff on Winrock development approaches and tools.
  • Ensure that learning agendas are built in to proposals and projects and provide technical assistance to field teams to ensure that these learning agendas are operationalized
  • Continuously capture, document and disseminate learning across CSE’s projects as well as to the larger Winrock
  • Support the dissemination of learning through the placement of articles in peer-reviewed journals, trade magazines, and at panels and other public fora.


  • Conduct site visits to projects to provide training, technical support and monitoring visits
  • Build and maintain relationships with current and future donors.
  • Represent Winrock at conferences and seminars and in networking, information sharing, and advocacy groups.

Qualifications & Background:


  • Master Degree in evaluation, research and a related field in international development


  • English and fluency in at least one additional relevant language (e.g. French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, etc.)


  • At least ten years’ experience in evaluation in international development;
  • At least five years’ experience working with knowledge management and learning platforms
  • Demonstrated commitment to issues and programs in gender equality, child labor, human trafficking, educational access, livelihoods, civic engagement, leadership & capacity development; and experience in design and implementation of baseline/endline surveys and special studies among vulnerable populations.
  • Extensive field experience in M&E and baseline/endline surveys.
  • Experience in proposal writing and management, preferably for USG-funded projects;
  • Demonstrable experience addressing M&E requirements for donors such as USAID, USDOL, DFID, USDA, large foundations and/or others.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with experience in conducting M&E on CSE’s issues and the six technical areas.
  • Experience developing cross-cutting skills in capacity development, community-led development, gender integration, governance and CLA


  • Demonstrated skills in project design, theories of change, evaluations, logic model/logframe/results frameworks, financial or cost analysis, training and coaching, M&E systems, KM systems, and learning approaches;
  • Knowledge and demonstrated proficiency in quantitative and qualitative methods, M&E planning, M&E system improvement; data use and data visualization;
  • Demonstrated knowledge in relevant program areas (e.g. gender equality, child labor, human trafficking, education access, livelihoods, civic engagement, leadership & capacity development;
  • Demonstrated ability in database management, routine data quality assurance (RDQA), data flow, geographic information systems (GIS), project and program indicator selection and documentation;
  • Excellent writing and research management skills;
  • Strong training, coaching and facilitation skills:
  • Effective communication skills (written and oral) for proposal preparation and communication with donors;
  • Computer skills in institution-supported software (Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, SPSS, and PowerPoint);
  • Ability to meet deadlines and manage multiple tasks; and must be a team player with good interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to independently schedule and manage work and lead M&E/knowledge management/learning platforms
  • Ability to maintain the highest ethical standards at all times.

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